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Фото "Little Flowers"

фото "Little Flowers" метки: макро и крупный план, природа, цветы
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Babette Babette #1 сб 29 дек 2001 04:53

Oh, sweet little flowers, Peter! Only don`t say that you have photographed them today in some wintery meadow улыбаюсь

Babette Babette #2 сб 29 дек 2001 05:52

Sweet little flowers, Peter! Only don`t tell that you`ve photographed them today in some wintery meadow:)

valerie hutton valerie hutton #3 сб 29 дек 2001 06:01


Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #4 сб 29 дек 2001 06:46

I love the composition of this! Very unique! When this was first appearing on my monitor the foliage at the top almost looked like a fantasy dragon. улыбаюсь

Aunjerli Aunjerli #5 сб 29 дек 2001 07:40

It is the centre of the frame that has the grace and guts, near sphere of fantastic photography,this was a tough one to coment on, but i think most will think "I am not a nature Photographer" hence they will mark accordingly. Perhaps we must teach with one frame and dazzle with the next?

Владимир Гуров Владимир Гуров #6 сб 29 дек 2001 07:47

Very nice, but I miss a ladybird улыбаюсь

Ktulu-babe Ktulu-babe #7 сб 29 дек 2001 07:49

Wow! I love this photo!

Виктория Шварц Виктория Шварц #8 сб 29 дек 2001 10:27

Здорово!!! Прекрасное исполнение и замечательные цветы!

Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #9 сб 29 дек 2001 15:11

Again: What a wonderful background you choose to contrast your flowers!
Great, Peter!

Irina Savkina Irina Savkina #10 сб 29 дек 2001 18:21

Great shot!!

Alekseev Dmitry Alekseev Dmitry #11 сб 29 дек 2001 22:28

Butiful flovers and composition. Nice green colors. I like this!

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #12 сб 29 дек 2001 23:21

Beautiful shot.

Wayne Chiu Wayne Chiu #13 вс 30 дек 2001 04:39

Sharp,Composition and color are all wonderful ^^

Adel Mansour Adel Mansour #14 пн 31 дек 2001 00:33

Excellent colors and composiyion.

Борисыч Борисыч #15 пн 31 дек 2001 12:13

Beautiful Shot!