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Фото "Great rice field"

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Great rice field
Great rice field in the south-east of Taiwan ^^
Hassy 501C/M
CFi 50mm/4
пн 31 дек 2001 05:16
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Aunjerli Aunjerli #1 пн 31 дек 2001 06:00

Exceptioanaly clean print, perhaps if a field worker were added it would be more efective to a western viewer. But a swathe of colour and lovely shy.
Whenever your new year is , May it be good.

Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #2 пн 31 дек 2001 06:32

Lovely photo.

Wayne Leach

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #3 пн 31 дек 2001 06:37

What lovely colors and contrasts you have in this photo. A slight cropping of the bottom of the frame might not hurt this...but that is just my opinion. Wonderful DOF and once again you have provided an insightful photo. Well done, Wayne! улыбаюсь

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #4 пн 31 дек 2001 12:16

Beautiful landscape, good DOF...too much foreground with no interest, I would either crop a bit of the bottom or include some foreground intrest if possible.

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #5 пн 31 дек 2001 23:36

Not only a Great rice field but also a Great image with wonderful light and colors - so sharp details - Outstanding shot, Wayne!

Kakha Kakha #6 ср 2 янв 2002 22:56

This picture deservs much more rating. Maybe you should upload with bigger size.