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Фото "treadmill"

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вт 8 янв 2002 13:00
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Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #1 вт 8 янв 2002 17:02

Sorry Ghita,but I am afraid this is not one of your best ! Your composition cuts the
picture in half, your lighting is very hard and contrast and color satuaration
unnecessarily exeggerated. There is no central subject my eye can rest on,
and it hurts to look at the many unsharp details. I think a much tighter cropping
and concentration on the damaged wheel in a sharp B/W shot would
have made a lot more out of this motiv!

Vasile Dorolti Vasile Dorolti #2 сб 12 янв 2002 02:44

clar ca reporterii nu "vad" color!!!!!
in alb /negru e mul;t mai simplu-dar si mai complicat !?!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #3 сб 19 янв 2002 07:25

warm colours

well-ballanced composition -
the one wheel - the equilibrium!

somehow the colours on top do not quite go with the browns and yellows dominating the rest

minor detail perhaps - a matter of personal choice