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Фото "Hanging On"

фото "Hanging On" метки: макро и крупный план, природа, цветы
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Hanging On
I can`t help it! Another wisp found me! :) 
ср 9 янв 2002 05:34
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peter o neill peter o neill #1 ср 9 янв 2002 05:52

The background works well here as does your subject. Nice

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #2 ср 9 янв 2002 06:32

You have this subject down to a science, Sandra.! Really well done.

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #3 ср 9 янв 2002 07:31

Wow! Col!

Юрий Тяпин Юрий Тяпин #4 ср 9 янв 2002 07:32

Cool! Sorry

Mary Waters Mary Waters #5 ср 9 янв 2002 08:30

gorgeous...we all need a wisp !! I haven`t found mine yet.....this is an image which demonstrates simple elegance...you are a master at conveying this...I love the little sparkles ...like gold....thumbs up...Another one of yours To My Favorites..

Владимир Гуров Владимир Гуров #6 ср 9 янв 2002 09:31

I am knowing , that in a new Sandra`s photo I shall see something nice, fuzzy and unusual улыбаюсь Such a beautiful light gleams on this flocks!

Alan Hauge Christensen Alan Hauge Christensen #7 ср 9 янв 2002 09:57

Fine shoot, like the browns tone.

Lucien Vander Sypt Lucien Vander Sypt #8 ср 9 янв 2002 10:12

Greatness in simplicity!

Юрий SH Юрий SH #9 ср 9 янв 2002 11:15

Nice composition and tender colors, Sandra !

Peter Wallack Peter Wallack #10 ср 9 янв 2002 12:50

Interseting light on your subject in interesting parts of it and in interesting amounts of reflection.

Вадим Иванов Вадим Иванов #11 ср 9 янв 2002 13:21

Nice shot!

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #12 ср 9 янв 2002 13:38

Simple and beautiful...Great composition and colours.

Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #13 ср 9 янв 2002 14:45

Oh...how nice! I love these little "microcosms" you show up lately, Sandra!
The miracle of life sometimes shows best if you take a closer look!

valerie hutton valerie hutton #14 ср 9 янв 2002 19:14

...and it`s very well captured Sandra! love the light highlights especially on this one.

Борисыч Борисыч #15 ср 9 янв 2002 19:16

Bravo Sandra!