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Alan Hauge Christensen Alan Hauge Christensen #1 чт 10 янв 2002 09:52

Here we can see what happens when you drive and drinking at the same time.
It`s a fine picture.

Павел Бурдо Павел Бурдо #2 чт 10 янв 2002 10:42


Slavets Slavets #3 чт 10 янв 2002 20:20

замечательная композиция, oversharpened

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #4 пт 11 янв 2002 04:30

i do pay attention

i am who you see they say tio pepe is then my name
i came to your pictures because a friend of mine - silviu ghetie - told me i should if i wanted to see something nice

i take pictures myself
at times
i am busy doing other things primarily such as getting a life a fine one and earning a living
but they - my pictures, that is - are not to be found anywhere here as yet though the future might have some surptise set aside for us
i feel good excanging ideas with people who have true ones and am interested in why the others do not have any

i like experiments like the ones you do here
so i suppose i shall enjoy contemplating your children - as somebody stunningly famous once called his works

`I`ve lost one of my children this week.`
Attributed to: J. M. W. Turne

p.s. very good idea for the presentatin thing
simple and smooth and cool
and effective

ATTENTION ATTENTION #5 пн 14 янв 2002 07:17

Спасибо всем за внимание, мнения и оценки. Tio Pepe ... рад что вам понравилось фото, очень хотелось бы посмотреть ваши работы. :o)