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Фото "The quiet daybreak"

фото "The quiet daybreak" метки: пейзаж, вода, закат
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The quiet daybreak
чт 10 янв 2002 16:52
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Денис Борисов-Рис Денис Борисов-Рис #1 чт 10 янв 2002 16:57

!!! Nice colors

Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #2 чт 10 янв 2002 17:19

Beautiful scene with mood feeling! Well done David.

Wayne Leach

Закадр Закадр #3 чт 10 янв 2002 17:59

Has very much liked gradual transition of plans.

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #4 чт 10 янв 2002 18:25

SO BEAUTIFUL, David! I`m coming to China in June. Hope I can get lucky to see scenes similar to this.

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #5 чт 10 янв 2002 18:32

Beautiful composition, nice tranquil mood.

Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #6 чт 10 янв 2002 19:50

Great mood and lighting!

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #7 чт 10 янв 2002 20:03

Brilliant use of light and composition, David.

Надежда Квитка Надежда Квитка #9 чт 10 янв 2002 21:14

Unusual blue!!
Colors amazing!!
Very much it is pleasant!

Alekseev Dmitry Alekseev Dmitry #11 чт 10 янв 2002 21:52

Beauty shot! (and super tape)

Юрий SH Юрий SH #12 пт 11 янв 2002 00:03

Nice scene, David !

A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA A Beautiful Light Photography San Diego CA #13 пт 11 янв 2002 01:51

wow! great colors!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #14 пт 11 янв 2002 03:01

this is surreal
is this a printing scanned and uploaded here directly no modifictions whatsoever
or is it the result of some corel editing - or other type of

i am tio pepe and perfectly happy as such
i am full of various ideas that do not cross other people`s minds and that is probably solely because we are all alike but at the same time thank god for that basically different
i like a good clean shot every now and then and i like shots that speak to me the other shots can`t and also those which at least try hard to do that
i go through a lot of pictures on the net and here in particular i add my comments except of course when people are afraid i guess that the likes of me (rating amounting to zero so far - i have not posted any picture as yet) might spoil their standing in the general ranking
nice to meet you

valerie hutton valerie hutton #16 пт 11 янв 2002 08:06

spectacular David!!!

peter o neill peter o neill #18 пт 11 янв 2002 09:39


SM SM #19 пт 11 янв 2002 12:02

It is healthy