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Фото "Quiet"

фото "Quiet" метки: пейзаж, вода, горы
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сб 12 янв 2002 08:22
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4yl 4yl #1 сб 12 янв 2002 08:40

Beautiful scene and well exposed, David.

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #2 сб 12 янв 2002 08:56

Ahm, still see some dust! улыбаюсь ) Just kidding улыбаюсь
A very special image, I think... Seems to be about loneliness -- all the objects are somehow solitary, without companions. And those that are accompanied by something are deceived - for it is their own reflections that serve as they pairs.
Or, maybe, it`s just a lovely water- and landscape...:)

Margie Bataillon Margie Bataillon #3 сб 12 янв 2002 11:12

Perfect --- This photograph definetly speaks its mood. I love the still water in the foreground. I wish I could see just a little more in the mist.

Валерий Гвозд Валерий Гвозд #4 сб 12 янв 2002 11:54

A very nice, very impressive image. But, I,m very sorry some banal...

Борисыч Борисыч #6 сб 12 янв 2002 13:37

!!! Very nice Shot!

Kakha Kakha #7 сб 12 янв 2002 15:18

Nice scene, just something wrong with quality, ether oversharped or too much compression.

Alekseev Dmitry Alekseev Dmitry #8 сб 12 янв 2002 18:27

Fog magnificent! A good snapshot!

Linda Yee Linda Yee #9 вс 13 янв 2002 00:21

This photo looks like a fairy tale place! Your composition is excellent. I love the one tall tree in the background, the misty purple mountains and the raft that anchors the photo in the foreground. The way that the mouth of the river is placed makes me want to follow the water around to see if their is an enchanted garden on the other side. I do wish the sky were not quite so white, though. It dimishes the enchanted land feeling of the photo a little.

Сергей Заломанин Сергей Заломанин #10 вс 13 янв 2002 02:21


Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #11 вс 13 янв 2002 04:50

Another lovely capture David. Good work

Wayne Leach

Vasile Dorolti Vasile Dorolti #12 вс 13 янв 2002 11:48


Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #13 сб 19 янв 2002 05:30

another of your great portrayals of that part of the world that is so full of history it almost finds it impossible to confine and contain it
the sky hovering languid and lazy
the reflection in the water inviting the mind to step into this other world maybe the same maybe all full of nothing but surprises full of marvellous things full – which is more – of true harmony and peace

and a boat coming by any minute now
and the man at peace with all within in this secluded universe

or it could be something as simple and pure as a raft

Frederic Lefebvre Frederic Lefebvre #15 пн 18 фев 2002 19:39

A little bit too bright on the upper half. Did you used a graduate filter ?
Brilliant anyway.