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Фото "Whiting Ranch Wilderness 2"

фото "Whiting Ranch Wilderness 2" метки: природа, путешествия, Северная Америка, цветы
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Whiting Ranch Wilderness 2
Whiting Ranch Wilderness, California. 21 October 2001
Kodak E100VS 
сб 19 янв 2002 02:14
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Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #1 ср 13 фев 2002 05:26

i do not usually go for punctuation marks that replace words but 4yl – pil as i call him (also to save energy) – could have a point here (well certainly if i do not misunderstand his statement completely)
meaning that the shot here is special
it is its greenish light that makes it so – and the subtle scarcity of the composition
the thicker longer branch to the right – the green so vivid it almost hurts – is more alive than many of the countless living trees i have seen
the tints of yellow and of brown make the picture merry lively – though static at one and the same time (god i love these words) – playful beyond bounds and comprehension
and every here and there like small faces of devilishly jokey little creatures full of all the wisdom of the many ages they have seen go by – jesters everyone dreads to encounter and upset – white flowers that bloom out of spiders whose dry bodies they thereafter leave and forsake


tio pepe

(i wish i could show you something i conceived but i have not used the scanner in a very long while now so i guess it`ll have to wait some more what i could do instead is push you to go and see some more of the works of other people on the forum some of them – not those that simply boast - really do know what they are doing i shall not name names you probably know them already
looking forward to meeting you again
and hoping you do like to share your reactions
the very same –
sincerely yours)

Rocky CR Rocky CR #2 пт 17 май 2002 14:48

Very beautiful . Congrat`s.

salmonpink salmonpink #3 вс 19 май 2002 11:45

A mystery color.