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Фото "A Palette...."

фото "A Palette...." метки: пейзаж, закат
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A Palette....
A January set...accompanied by many shades of color... 
пт 25 янв 2002 01:58
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Alexandr Perevezentsev Alexandr Perevezentsev #1 пт 25 янв 2002 01:59


Rene TRIEBL Rene TRIEBL #2 пт 25 янв 2002 02:23

Gosh what an extraordinary sunset! Great catch Mary!

ФОМА ФОМА #3 пт 25 янв 2002 02:34

Какой тревожный и эмоциональный кадр.

valerie hutton valerie hutton #4 пт 25 янв 2002 02:36

it`s beautiful Mary.....love the layers of color!!!!

Tio Pepe Tio Pepe #5 пт 25 янв 2002 05:14

as the sky approaches the earth for thenight it changes colours to be less frightening - it`s vastness is not something to be dealt with easily

do you feel the naked branches shiver with excitement
(i am not sure whether the trees on the sides should be apparent in this particular picture)

ps the poem is


"SON," said my mother,/When I was knee-high,/"You`ve need of clothes to cover you,/And not a rag have I. //"There`s nothing in the house/To make a boy breeches,/Nor shears to cut a cloth with/Nor thread to take stitches. //"There`s nothing in the house/But a loaf-end of rye,/And a harp with a woman`s head/Nobody will buy,"/And she began to cry. //That was in the early fall./When came the late fall,/"Son," she said, "the sight of you/Makes your mother`s blood crawl,­ //"Little skinny shoulder-blades/Sticking through your clothes!/And where you`ll get a jacket from/God above knows. //"It`s lucky for me, lad,/Your daddy`s in the ground,/And can`t see the way I let/His son go around!"/And she made a queer sound. //That was in the late fall./When the winter came,/I`d not a pair of breeches/Nor a shirt to my name. //I couldn`t go to school,/Or out of doors to play./And all the other little boys/Passed our way. //"Son," said my mother,/"Come, climb into my lap,/And I`ll chafe your little bones/While you take a nap." //And, oh, but we were silly/For half an hour or more,/Me with my long legs/Dragging on the floor, //A-rock-rock-rocking/To a mother-goose rhyme!/Oh, but we were happy/For half an hour`s time! //But there was I, a great boy,/And what would folks say/To hear my mother singing me/To sleep all day,/In such a daft way? //Men say the winter/Was bad that year;/Fuel was scarce,/And food was dear. //A wind with a wolf`s head/Howled about our door,/And we burned up the chairs/And sat upon the floor. //All that was left us/Was a chair we couldn`t break,/And the harp with a woman`s head/Nobody would take,/For song or pity`s sake.

[second half to come]

Wayne Leach Wayne Leach #6 пт 25 янв 2002 06:41

WOW, that`s some sunset. Absolutely gorgeous!

Wayne Leach

4yl 4yl #7 пт 25 янв 2002 09:12

Very special sky, Mery.

Вадим Иванов Вадим Иванов #8 пт 25 янв 2002 13:04

Stanning colorful palette!

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #10 пт 25 янв 2002 16:06

Superb shot..Dramatic sky.

Kakha Kakha #11 пт 25 янв 2002 17:32

This picture brings too much assotiations! seems like vulcano, desert, sea, clouds... too hard to get which one is really shot:)

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #12 пт 25 янв 2002 23:11

What a dramatic sky! Wonderful image - Great shot, Mary!

Adel Mansour Adel Mansour #13 сб 26 янв 2002 03:27

Superb sunset, excellent taste reflects on your composition, Mary this is great work.

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #14 сб 26 янв 2002 04:32

A real BEAUTY, Mary.!

Ktulu-babe Ktulu-babe #15 сб 26 янв 2002 21:20


JORGE JACINTO JORGE JACINTO #16 сб 26 янв 2002 21:21

Nice "paiting" !