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backside of a horsewagon, decorated in order to prevent
a possible collision with cars at night. Village of Livada,
Satu-Mare region, NE- Romania 
сб 26 янв 2002 03:40
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P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #1 сб 26 янв 2002 03:48

Wonderful image - beautiful rich colors and sharp details - Wonderful, Rene!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #2 сб 26 янв 2002 04:51

This great! I love it! How colorful and practical at the same time! What do they put on the horse? улыбаюсь

Mary Waters Mary Waters #3 сб 26 янв 2002 05:11

so beautiful and colorful...really glad that you gave the information !! I thought,at first, that some of the subjects were candles !! just a delightful and fresh image...

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #4 сб 26 янв 2002 07:46

wild stuff! улыбаюсь I really like the angle, but I think this might have been a bit more effective had more of the surroundings or the wagon itself been part of the frame. It`s just a little too head-on. Which does make for a pun of sorts -- the photographer and the viewer disregards the sun and comes close to a head-on collission with the horsewagon улыбаюсь ) Not sure, Rene улыбаюсь
I`m curious as to what these objects are - almost look like bottle caps, but these wouldn`t glow in the dark, so what could it be?

PINXIT PINXIT #5 сб 26 янв 2002 08:10


Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #6 сб 26 янв 2002 13:43

Nice capture Rene, lovely colours.

Vasile Dorolti Vasile Dorolti #7 вс 27 янв 2002 13:19

HIHIHIHHHIII?Much hummor,good eyes,surehand!

Peter Wallack Peter Wallack #8 пн 28 янв 2002 02:14


sorin ilies sorin ilies #9 пн 28 янв 2002 22:04


Adel Mansour Adel Mansour #10 вт 29 янв 2002 02:30

Nice colors and details.

lisa yang lisa yang #11 пн 4 фев 2002 16:57

I don`t get it?!

tata tata #12 ср 13 мар 2002 18:32

very funny!! улыбаюсь ))