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Фото "Baia Mare postcard # 3"

фото "Baia Mare postcard # 3" метки: архитектура, пейзаж, закат
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Baia Mare postcard # 3
"Cinteren", a place with 3 churches in the historic center,
next to the old market square. Left the catholic cathedral,
middle the Orthodox church, right St.Stephens tower, a
former gothic church from 14th century with a rooftop
added by the end of 19th century. 
чт 31 янв 2002 01:41
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Peter Wallack Peter Wallack #1 чт 31 янв 2002 02:32

Glorious light and your patience waiting for it made this super!!!!!

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #2 чт 31 янв 2002 03:06

What a Beauty!!! Wonderful silhouettes with beautiful light - Great shot, Rene!!

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #3 чт 31 янв 2002 04:01

What a beautiful sunset that you used superbly as a background to these imposing silhouettes of the churches. Wonderful details that are very interesting to view. улыбаюсь

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #4 чт 31 янв 2002 05:25

Silhouettes work really well against this `bold` sky, Rene.

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #5 чт 31 янв 2002 07:08

Things are so right about this picture. The classical inside framing, the silhouettes of the trees leanings on silhouettes of buildings (or vice versa), the very pretty gradation of the sky colors, and the sun peeking out in the background - what could be better!! улыбаюсь I`m puzzled by the reading of the tower clock on the right - it seems like it`s 10 to 4. Are sunsets this early over there??
Rene, I like your series of postcards a whole lot, not a little! улыбаюсь )
Oh, and what a remarkable new portrait of you in the author`s section улыбаюсь ))

Mary Waters Mary Waters #6 чт 31 янв 2002 09:08

perfect positioning of the subjects.."God`s In His Heaven...All`s Right With the World."

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #7 чт 31 янв 2002 11:33

Another great shot in the series, great contrejoure composition.

Silviu Ghetie Silviu Ghetie #8 чт 31 янв 2002 14:55

excelent poscart Rene,!!!!!

sorin ilies sorin ilies #9 чт 31 янв 2002 16:45

Rene !After the Nagy Banya Painting School belle epoque ,I don,t know of anybody better than you depicting the architecture , ethos and spirit of the Baia Mare city. Poignant !

Gudrun Svenda Gudrun Svenda #10 чт 31 янв 2002 19:13

Grossartige Darstellung des Typischen verschiedener Baustile in diesem stimmungsvollen Foto !

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #11 пт 1 фев 2002 00:56

Solemn prayer, Rene.

Adel Mansour Adel Mansour #12 пт 1 фев 2002 01:06

Superb colors.

Linda Yee Linda Yee #13 вс 3 фев 2002 17:24

Very nice, Rene. I love the light and the silhouttes of the 3 churches. The bare trees add a nice touch. I would love to visit this place. Churchs of many different styles are some of my favorite photographic subjects.

lisa yang lisa yang #14 пн 4 фев 2002 16:45

All about silhouette, and what wonderful sunset - magnificent! Although the 2 towers cave in to a bit too much sky in the middle.

Оксана Цеацура Оксана Цеацура #15 чт 14 фев 2002 19:00

why the left church`s top is cut? This is the essencia of the subject! All the rest is perfect but this