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Фото "Patrouille Suisse (1)"

фото "Patrouille Suisse (1)" метки: спорт, репортаж,
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Patrouille Suisse (1)
Austrias biggest Air-Show - AIRPOWER 05 - took place on 24./25. June 2005 in and over Zeltweg!

This squad is the pride of the Swiss Army. Founded in 1964 on the occasion of the 50th Anniv. of the Swiss Army "Patrouille Suisse" wasnґt allowed to show their programm outside Swiss until 1978 due to their politics of neutrality. The "Patrouille Suisse" is a team of 6 pilots - all of them on active duty with the Swiss Airforce and with more then 2000 flight-hours each - using heavy modified Tiger Jets to show their air acrobatics in the world famous swiss precision.

The picture shows a passing-by with a top-speed of 800km/h distance between the three machines in the middle not more then 2 meters - wing-men on a distance not more then 3 meters! Guess everybody can imagine what a move of one single millimeter at the joystick would cause - my respect to the "Patrouille Suisse" and all the squads arround the globe which let us enjoy their mastery of flying.

aperture: f/5.6
shutter: 1/1250
curve: Komins 114d
ISO: 200 
ср 29 июн 2005 02:41
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Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #1 ср 29 июн 2005 03:31

Excellent captured moment!


Константин Кислой Константин Кислой #2 ср 29 июн 2005 05:43

Dinamic picture and beautiful commentary!

A. Girao A. Girao #3 ср 29 июн 2005 06:11

Beautiful moment full of action!!!

Sarah Lombart Sarah Lombart #4 ср 29 июн 2005 14:57

a difficult shot to do! thanks for the story!
have a nice day улыбаюсь

Virgil Virgil #5 ср 29 июн 2005 21:16

Thanks to all of you for the comments / ratings so far - unfortunately during their show the weather conditions changed and shortly after they finished a rain-storm began - thatґs why itґs a bit dark.