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Фото "let's walk at the park..."

фото "let's walk at the park..." метки: пейзаж, вода, лес
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let's walk at the park...
early morning... the sun rises as usual, the bridge is always there.. but autumn has finished and the park still misses it... 
вс 3 июл 2005 17:56
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chandru shahani chandru shahani #1 вс 3 июл 2005 17:59

Very nice and peaceful river scene.
Tranquil! I like the complimentry colors and good depth...shows to be masterful and artistic.

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #2 вс 3 июл 2005 18:01

what the race, fernando alonso win... (Who carred?)
good reflection, good atmosphere, nice for walk. did you know how?
have a good sunday

A. Girao A. Girao #3 вс 3 июл 2005 18:01

Excellent place, good colours and light, Silvia!

Александр Дюгаев Александр Дюгаев #4 вс 3 июл 2005 18:07

Beautiful image.

Яранта Яранта #6 вс 3 июл 2005 18:19

The word of honour, as in a fairy tale!

Craig Hansen Craig Hansen #7 вс 3 июл 2005 18:27

Wonderful idea! I'll bring my CD player and we can listen to some Frank Zappa and some Beethoven while we're there...

Ольга Малеева Ольга Малеева #8 вс 3 июл 2005 18:35

Mysterious pond! Here there live water nymphs))

yves ralim yves ralim #9 вс 3 июл 2005 18:43

A beautiful place full of mood and feeling...there are too beautiful moments in winter and nice walks in the parks... Life is still there...
I love this photo...

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #10 вс 3 июл 2005 18:44

A beautiful capture and mood!
Well done Silvia!


Jose Antonio Moreno Jose Antonio Moreno #11 вс 3 июл 2005 18:47

Mi amiga de los ambientes, lees los colores, las texturas, las luces y cuando encuentras el punto exacto para lograr la pуcima mбgica vas y disparas, asн de fбcil, como hacнa mi abuela las comidas caseras, todas sus hijas utilizan los mismos ingredientes pero nunca saben tan buenas como las de ella.

Felicidades Silvia.

Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #12 вс 3 июл 2005 19:00

I'm sure he misses it.
parks are very beautiful in autumn!
beautiful mood, Sil!!

Ольга Погодина Ольга Погодина #13 вс 3 июл 2005 19:38

:-) Such a green winter? улыбаюсь

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #14 вс 3 июл 2005 19:40

very harmonious representation, best regards from berlin!

Евгений Осов-Финк Евгений Осов-Финк #15 вс 3 июл 2005 19:43

As I have passed such work.. It is remarkable, Perfectly, I love bridges and small streamlets..

miguel miguel #16 вс 3 июл 2005 19:59

magical place silvia, excellent capture!