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Фото "touch-and-go"

фото "touch-and-go" метки: спорт, репортаж,
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Another spectacular shot from the Airpower05 air-show - these sequence is called "touch-and-go" which means that the pilot initiates a landing and in the very last moment before the wheels touch the runway he lifts off again - enjoy!

Details about the F-16 Fighting Falcon:

With around 4,000 aircraft produced in 110 different versions, today’s most-built jet continues to set standards. The F-16 has been used as a multi-purpose combat plane in 22 countries and has completed over nine million flying hours altogether since the model was first put into service in 1978. It was also the first US jet to be fitted with a fly-by-wire system – in other words, a system featuring the electronic transmission of the pilot’s commands to the control surfaces. Without this system the plane would be barely flyable, since its airfoils are not rounded. But it is precisely this instability which lends the F-16 its legendary maneuverability. After takeoff, it can climb to 11,000 meters’ altitude in just three-and-a-half minutes.

aperture: f/5.6
shutter: 1/800
curve: Komins 114d
ISO: 200 
чт 7 июл 2005 00:00
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Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #1 чт 7 июл 2005 01:49

Excellent description.
Great capture.
well definition.


Василий Калинкин Василий Калинкин #2 сб 9 июл 2005 15:05

Very well captured moment!

Virgil Virgil #3 сб 9 июл 2005 21:44

Thx for your comment.


Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #4 сб 16 июл 2005 13:31

Great capture, Virgil !!!

Virgil Virgil #5 сб 16 июл 2005 18:00

thanks for valueing my work Jose.


Michael Lucero Michael Lucero #6 ср 17 авг 2005 05:43

Cool F16..... Great capture.... I like it.

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #7 вс 28 авг 2005 00:17

Great capture, my friend!

Андрей Переверзев Андрей Переверзев #8 вс 28 авг 2005 22:26

Great catch!

Murat Kodan Murat Kodan #9 чт 27 окт 2005 12:37

photo of the power

Virgil Virgil #10 пт 28 окт 2005 09:23

Hi Murat,

thanks for your comment though the picture shouldnґt show power rather then whatґs artistic flight-maneuvers are possible.