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Фото "Girl from lunapark"

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Girl from lunapark
I do not know her. She is working in lunapark. Small talk and she let me make some snapshots, but she treat me like a fly :-) ...at least she was so tired of me! I did not see the background till I open this picture in my computer... . Sometimes I think that my best photos were made by accident... . Yes, it is true! 
вт 19 июл 2005 08:43
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flemming rasmussen flemming rasmussen #1 вт 19 июл 2005 08:52

Very nice shot

manta7 manta7 #2 вт 19 июл 2005 10:43

Thank you! ...I like this photo too!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #3 вт 19 июл 2005 11:44

Very well seen and composed!
Great colours!


manta7 manta7 #5 вт 19 июл 2005 17:17

Day was hot, area dusty. I was trying to make photo and she was not happy about it... . At least she gave up, really tired улыбаюсь It was not so guite but almost... . Final result (background) I find on my computer. Really nice surprise for me. Yes, sometimes I am lucky man улыбаюсь

silvia marmori silvia marmori #4 вт 19 июл 2005 15:11

very nice.. who si background and who is subject...
good shot!

manta7 manta7 #7 вт 19 июл 2005 19:45

Thank you! ...yes! They are nearly equal улыбаюсь She was so nostalgic in that moment.

A. Girao A. Girao #6 вт 19 июл 2005 17:33

Very well captured and seen!!!

manta7 manta7 #12 ср 20 июл 2005 23:03

Thank you! ...sometimes world is so unexpected and so friendly! This photo was made occasionally, nearly by accident... . I wish you the same lack!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #8 вт 19 июл 2005 20:55

Excellent composition captured, congrats!

Phil Sanders Phil Sanders #9 ср 20 июл 2005 13:44

Very well composed

manta7 manta7 #10 ср 20 июл 2005 20:35

Thank you! Maybe one day good composition of photo will be effect of my planning... . Now, it was only matter of luck. ...but I like this one, because of climate. Unprepared.