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A kind of Impressionist Atmosphere, I think. 
чт 4 авг 2005 21:32
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A. Girao A. Girao #1 чт 4 авг 2005 21:36

Yes, it is!!!

Ion Popa Ion Popa #3 чт 4 авг 2005 21:48

I would hang up such picture in the house.What can be better!

Robert-Alexandre Gravet Robert-Alexandre Gravet #7 чт 4 авг 2005 22:45

If you want, I will send you a better file by Mail.
You will be able to print this picture : for your eyes only.
Thank you very much for your comment, Ion.

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #4 чт 4 авг 2005 21:49

Very well composed!


Алеся Лосьминская Алеся Лосьминская #5 чт 4 авг 2005 21:49

просто и со вкусом!

Robert-Alexandre Gravet Robert-Alexandre Gravet #6 чт 4 авг 2005 22:42

Bolchoо Spaciba, Alesia!

BEATA BEATA #8 чт 4 авг 2005 23:03

Peaceful yet powerful scene. Nice work. улыбаюсь

Hans Koot Hans Koot #9 чт 4 авг 2005 23:40

true watercolor! wow, I love this photo.

luz fava luz fava #10 пт 5 авг 2005 00:16

beautiful photo,congrats

HASSAN V. HASSAN V. #11 пт 5 авг 2005 00:31

Far away from monet,but nice and beautifull viwe.

Мартин Петров Мартин Петров #12 пт 5 авг 2005 00:37

Good image!

cliff rosbotham cliff rosbotham #13 пт 5 авг 2005 01:14

wonderfully hypnotic image, perfect

Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #14 пт 5 авг 2005 01:43

so calm and peaceful...

кир скалецкий кир скалецкий #15 пт 5 авг 2005 10:08

the idea is good enough but realisation should much better

Robert-Alexandre Gravet Robert-Alexandre Gravet #16 пт 5 авг 2005 20:35

Hello Kir, thank you for your comment.
I do not understand exactly what you mean by "realisation".
I agree with you if you "judge" this picture only with a "photographic "point of view, but, it is not the case for this image, as I have tried to give ,as more as possible, a painting effect.
It could also depent of the screen you have, that's allways the problem with internet.

Thank's again.

Best Regards.