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Фото "Waiting for a miracle"

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Waiting for a miracle
место съемки:
We can all sit and wait for a miracle,… but there is a problem,…. sometimes we need it instantly! 
вт 11 апр 2006 17:13
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Вячеслав Аксёнов Вячеслав Аксёнов #2 вт 11 апр 2006 17:44

Very good work. Best regards.

Phil Sanders Phil Sanders #3 вт 11 апр 2006 17:44

Clever, clever shot ... well spotted and very well composed ....

Aleksey Koshechkin Aleksey Koshechkin #4 вт 11 апр 2006 19:16

Wonderful atmosphere!!!

alessandro mezzenzana alessandro mezzenzana #5 вт 11 апр 2006 20:02

excellent work and tone

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #6 вт 11 апр 2006 20:16

lovely tones... great with that clouds; regards

malina malina #7 вт 11 апр 2006 21:31

Continuous mysticism and mystery as if action occurs in the dark Middle Ages! улыбаюсь

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #8 вт 11 апр 2006 21:35

Beautiful mystic mood. Regards.

Dragan Milenkovic Dragan Milenkovic #9 вт 11 апр 2006 21:48

Wonderful composition and lighting! Vrlo dobra misicna atmosfera.

Luis Oliveira Mendes Luis Oliveira Mendes #10 вт 11 апр 2006 22:25

very good shot!
composition and sepia mood!
best regards

Геннадий Юршевич Геннадий Юршевич #11 вт 11 апр 2006 22:32

Very good ....

zoe radulescu zoe radulescu #12 вт 11 апр 2006 23:22

senzational mood; i like the sepia tones too. I think is a good choice. congratulations.

Elena HL Elena HL #13 вт 11 апр 2006 23:24

Dear Nada! Great shot! Fantastic light and tonality!
Good name!
I like to read yours notes - interesting thoughts!
Best regards!

chandru shahani chandru shahani #14 вт 11 апр 2006 23:38

Nice shot.
Nada, mircales only happen to those
who really believe in miracles and ! know it.

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #15 ср 12 апр 2006 02:02

Very expressive shot and moment, good tonality and light enhancing the scene!
Sugestive title!


B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #17 ср 12 апр 2006 06:01

well done Nada !
They say that GOD has already answered your prayer before you have finished it .
Warmest regards to my teacher .
Barry улыбаюсь )))