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Фото "Flying home for the evening !"

фото "Flying home for the evening !" метки: пейзаж, вода, закат
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Flying home for the evening !
место съемки:
There is something missing in this photo. Can somebody tell me what it is ?! 
сб 29 апр 2006 19:17
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silvia marmori silvia marmori #1 сб 29 апр 2006 21:16

i dont know what is misssing.. i'd say the birds are flying to the wrong way.. meaning if they sould fly to right, under the pov of the composition would be better . only that..
and maybe a thin frame, simple or just a black bg..
but let me say this is great image.. light and tones.. and special mood are here..

Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #2 сб 29 апр 2006 21:41

Thanks Silvia for your assessment.

Seabirds around here spend far more time flying into the wind, for the same purpose as an aircraft landing or taking off, they get more natural aerodynamic lift. In this particular picture, the gulls were flying past intermittently all evening to the night-time nesting ground to the left. Being a romantic, I also like the idea of them flying into the sunset I guess улыбаюсь .

But I Wish I could have got one or two birds a little closer to the camera maybe.

Thanks again.

silvia marmori silvia marmori #4 сб 29 апр 2006 23:40

maybe if bit bigger, they would have distract, as the image has also the endless sea to watch at ... and it has the sunset, as you said.. birds are just a part of that whole...

Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #5 вс 30 апр 2006 00:18

Silvia, you are correct about the need for the birds to be bigger. Thanks for your suggestion. They would then become the "subject" around which the whole picture revolves. At present to me, the picture has very nice scenery/background, but nothing to "focus" on. Cheers.

ND ND #3 сб 29 апр 2006 21:59

To my it seems to me perfect, mainly that so wonderful sky and the water with foam, seems that I can listen to the sound... I wanted to be there! смеюсь

Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #6 вс 30 апр 2006 00:20

Nuria, as usual, you're a gem улыбаюсь You are welcome anytime !!

Ирина Елена Ирина Елена #7 сб 13 май 2006 22:47

Excellent the staff! When someone well removes the sea at us it compare to Ayvazovsky. This Russian painter written the sea. I hope know:)