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Фото "a dive in the rainbow..."

фото "a dive in the rainbow..." метки: пейзаж, природа, вода
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a dive in the rainbow...
место съемки:
Argentina.. the land where I was born, where I live.. the earth that I love and where I belong to...
the hugest pampas... the silent Patagonia, with whales and glaciers and rocks and fossils... the arid north, with colourful mountains and music of valleys.. los Andes and the Aconcagua, the highest peak of America.. and the rainforest with Iguazu in the north east , where a triple frontier is shared with Brazil and Paraguay.
Its name means big waters (I =water Guazu =big ) in language of Guaranies, those who live and lived there before the conquerors irrupted..
So, Iguazu is the name of the river and also the name of the waterfalls...
The whole system is more than 4 kilometers wide, which combined with its height and the volume of the water during the rainy season makes it one of the largest in the world. Its width is four times larger than the Niagara Falls. 275 falls reaching up to 70 m height..
a roar breaking the air, a wonder pervading all senses...
this is my first photo there... 
ср 3 май 2006 00:05
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mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #1 ср 3 май 2006 00:09

absolute spectacullary shot... that rainbow is "plus" of that image; excellent; regards, congrats and take care

miguel miguel #2 ср 3 май 2006 00:12

Um momento unico de rara beleza silvia. A foto transborda de energia. Parabens. Beijinhos.

Виген Ахвердян Виген Ахвердян #3 ср 3 май 2006 00:16


yves ralim yves ralim #4 ср 3 май 2006 00:21

It is a wonder.. a wonderful place and a wonderful photo with all the shades of the light that plays with water... but what plays with the other? the light? or the water? you are lucky, Sil...

Suzanne Ahlin Suzanne Ahlin #5 ср 3 май 2006 00:21

Wonderful light, a very nice photo

Roberto Palladini Roberto Palladini #6 ср 3 май 2006 00:39

What is this photo? This is one photography from collection in a museum!!! Congrats Silvia +++++

Kathleen B. Kathleen B. #7 ср 3 май 2006 00:42

Wow, my dear- this is GREAT !!!!!
FANTASTIC !! Masterprice улыбаюсь
Warmest regards and Kisses улыбаюсь улыбаюсь улыбаюсь

Геннадий Юршевич Геннадий Юршевич #8 ср 3 май 2006 00:45


Александр Мых Александр Мых #10 ср 3 май 2006 00:53

very nice photo!

Nuno Milheiro Nuno Milheiro #12 ср 3 май 2006 00:58

Impressive and beautiful at the same time, very well captured Silvia, good tones and light, that rainbow and mist over the turbulent waters really adds to the mood!!
Thanks for the notes!Excellent shot!

Grande abraco

Ольга Погодина Ольга Погодина #13 ср 3 май 2006 01:08

Great view, Silvia! улыбаюсь
It looks like something unreal...

Elena HL Elena HL #14 ср 3 май 2006 01:13

Dear Sil! Wondeful! Amazing! I like it! And I like your notes - I hear the roar, I admire the rainbow and I feel the freshness of the BIG fall.

Rodrigo Neves Rodrigo Neves #15 ср 3 май 2006 01:26

Oh, the portrait of paradise! Stunning shot, Silvia. I wish I were there to shoot it too!

Regina Lopes Regina Lopes #16 ср 3 май 2006 05:44

One word...wonderful! Eu conheco o lado brasileiro de Iguazu e realmente e maravilhoso. Beijinhos

B.K. von Bernhard B.K. von Bernhard #17 ср 3 май 2006 06:57

Silvia dear you continue to amaze me ! Superb photo and a better story !
Big kisses.
Barry смеюсь