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To my dear Slavic friends, to morrow is it 61 year ago your people liberated the world from the Nazi tyranny. You lost more then 43 millions countrymen in this firestorm of war crossing the entire world. It was the Red Army how liberated also the first free parts of Norway my country. Not only 9 of May I thing about the brave Slavic people you are always in my heart and I am married to the most beautiful and best Slavic woman in the world. Mother Russia gave me a free world to be born in to and after she has given me the best possible life to live. All I have to tank all this brave 43 million Slavic people how lost there life in The Great Patriotic War.
I have made a slideshow of Natasha’s picture from the memory of some of the Red Army soldier how was killed as prisoners in my district in Trondheim. Push the blue button memorial on the map; http://www.plu.ntnu.no/ansatte/bjk/photo/norway/mnorway/trondheim/charlottenlund/Sankthanshaugen/Sankthanshaugen.htm

In deep respect, Boris 
пн 8 май 2006 23:05
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chandru shahani chandru shahani #1 пн 8 май 2006 23:26

Brilliant slideshow.
One can say that the closing of the war in Norway
began on 18 October 1944. That was the day when
Soviet military units crossed the Norwegian-Soviet
border in pursuit of retreating German forces.

Алик Литинский Алик Литинский #2 вт 9 май 2006 00:17

Looked photos. Beautiful work!!! Thanks

Евгений Ючкин Евгений Ючкин #3 вт 9 май 2006 00:24

With Day of the Victory!!!

Владимир Кузнецов Владимир Кузнецов #4 вт 9 май 2006 03:21

Nice work!!!
With Day of the Victory!!!

Ирина Опачевская Ирина Опачевская #5 ср 10 май 2006 02:40

thank you, Bjorn...

Bjorn Johan Kirksather Bjorn Johan Kirksather #6 ср 10 май 2006 11:42

It is me and the rest of West Europe how should thank the brave Slavic people for our freedom. The West Europe forgot this only 1 - 2 year after WWII and make the cold war against the Slavic people together with the American.


Борисыч Борисыч #7 ср 10 май 2006 23:33

Thanks for a photo! For us this day a-great holiday! Now I shall send you too an interesting photo:)

Надежда Янковская Надежда Янковская #8 чт 18 май 2006 08:01

Thanks for a photo Bjorn

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #9 сб 3 июн 2006 19:40

Спасибо за память Борис!!!

Валерия Струнникова Валерия Струнникова #10 ср 7 июн 2006 19:40

Thank you for a photo, dear Bjorn!