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Фото "shining with all his might.."

фото "shining with all his might.." метки: пейзаж, черно-белые, вода
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shining with all his might..
место съемки:
Sorry all for my lack of comments these last times!
It is not the sea, it is the river, My Rio de la Plata at Quilmes, where i live..
I felt that boy there, facing life with all happiness..
In B&W, with colours at the soul... Shining for great times to come!

Some verses from Lewis Carroll, that i remembered when i made conversion of tones :-)
The sun was shining on the sea,
Shining with all his might:
He did his very best to make
The billows smooth and bright -
And this was very odd,
because it was The middle of the night! 
чт 22 фев 2007 00:05
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Галина Дмитриева Галина Дмитриева #1 чт 22 фев 2007 00:09

Beautiful, Silvia! Congrats

Petur Einarsson Petur Einarsson #2 чт 22 фев 2007 00:14

Very good photo.

Дмитрий Бодунов Дмитрий Бодунов #3 чт 22 фев 2007 00:17

Excellent photo! Very glad to see you again, Silvia! ))

ric alexander ric alexander #4 чт 22 фев 2007 00:19

great notes sil, and it works well in mono, a good perspective.
the contrast in the wooden floor adds to it also
Great shot

chandru shahani chandru shahani #5 чт 22 фев 2007 00:29

This is a very nice monochromatic image.
The boy really adds to the quality of the image.

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #6 чт 22 фев 2007 00:32

You've been missed Silvia ! Glad you are back posting with us ! As always your image is touching and full of meaning ! Great work !!

Rich Read Rich Read #7 чт 22 фев 2007 00:32

That is some river! This image really works well in black and white. I almost feel that I am there watching this scene. Nicely done.

Светлана М. Светлана М. #8 чт 22 фев 2007 00:35

His heart is open to joy and happiness.

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #9 чт 22 фев 2007 00:50

Nicely framed, nice shading and atmosphere Sil. Well done

Ana M Marques Ana M Marques #10 чт 22 фев 2007 01:02

You captured the joy of the boy and the soul of the place so well…
A fantastic moment, Silvia!!!
Welcome back!
Um abraco grande!

Brites dos Santos Brites dos Santos #11 чт 22 фев 2007 01:02

Excelente composicao e belo enquadramento.
Bela foto Silvia.

Margerretta Margerretta #12 чт 22 фев 2007 01:05

So geometric... so beautiful and very great mood in this excellent capture...

Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria Rosa Maria Fiuza Sciullo Faria #13 чт 22 фев 2007 01:08

Nice work my dear...
the b & W works well...
nice word too...

Stepanov Dmitry Stepanov Dmitry #14 чт 22 фев 2007 01:12

Это очень красивая фотография!
Особенно нравится естественное обрамление, естественная рамка, что создаёт эффект глубины.+++++

Спасибо за Ваше внимание к моим работам!

It is very beautiful photo! The natural frame, a natural framework that creates effect of depth especially is pleasant. +++++

thanks for your attention to my works!

Nada Vujanic Nada Vujanic #15 чт 22 фев 2007 01:17

It is great how you have captured boy there!!!
Good contrast, ... all those bars in front and real freedom in background. Excellent!
Kisses to you Sil улыбаюсь