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Photo "Shrovetide's carnival"

photo "Shrovetide's carnival" tags: reporting, portrait, children
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Shrovetide's carnival
Shrovetide is the ancient celebration of the send-off for winter and the arrival of spring which originated in the pagan times. Maybe therefore this celebration is not an official holiday. However Shrovetide is celebrated widely throughout our country over the week.
There are many different legends about the origin of Shrovetide. According one of them Shrovetide was born at the North and was the daughter of Frost. Once people asked her to protect their village from the cold and snowstorm. Shrovetide appeared in front of people with her chubby and rosy cheeks, devious eyes and with a loud guffaw. She forced them to forget about winter. She heated up their cool blood, took their hands and they spun around in a dance. 
Tue 27 Feb 2007 21:47
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chandru shahani chandru shahani #1 Tue 27 Feb 2007 22:51

I had no idea of the Shrovetide, the ancient celebration.
Thank you Olga for educating me.
Colorful picture, looks like she is having fun.

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #10 Wed 28 Feb 2007 21:19

Chandru, thank you very much! be continued:)

Guenter-Georg Guenter-Georg #2 Wed 28 Feb 2007 10:07

happy moment in nice colors!

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #12 Wed 28 Feb 2007 22:09

Thank you, Guenter! Best wishes!

Valentin Bondarenko Valentin Bondarenko #3 Wed 28 Feb 2007 13:26

Красивая фоточка,живая,но я бы руки не резал,Оля и подождал пока бабулька отойдет с ПП

Marina Agarkova Marina Agarkova #5 Wed 28 Feb 2007 16:09

Справедливо, но трудно исполнимо. Это нужно такой опыт иметь, чтобы щелкнуть в тот момент, когда бабулька с ПП оттойдет, а какой-нибудь дедулька не влезет в кадр! Или камеру, которая с большой скоростью снимает. Но будем стремиться и учиться.
А праздник, похоже, действительно был веселый и красивый. Продолжение следует?

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #8 Wed 28 Feb 2007 21:12

Продолжение, конечно следует:), но я в раздумье, что вывесить...загляни на ФП ко мне, пожалуйста,если время будет

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #6 Wed 28 Feb 2007 21:09

Валентин, бабулька бы не отошла, пока все блины не съела бы, т.к. на халяву, а девчушка увидела, что я на на нее нацелилась фотоаппаратом и спозировала...другого момента быть не могло:(, увы
А руки я не резала, просто в кадр не вошли

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #7 Wed 28 Feb 2007 21:10

Приглашаю на ФП!

Aleksej Patlakh Aleksej Patlakh #4 Wed 28 Feb 2007 15:58

Красивая масленица!

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #9 Wed 28 Feb 2007 21:13

Спасибо, Алексей! ...продолжение следует

silvia marmori silvia marmori #11 Wed 28 Feb 2007 21:22

oh.. thank you for notes. i had looked for before, at your previous image, some info!
so detailed yours.. so colourful image!
great both!

Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #13 Wed 28 Feb 2007 22:13

Thank you very mush, Silvia! smile be continued.
Kind wishes!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #14 Thu 1 Mar 2007 01:29

Another great moment with beautiful light, colors and expression captured!!