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Фото "Psychedelic Seagul"

фото "Psychedelic Seagul" метки: природа, абстракция, дикие животные
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Psychedelic Seagul к
место съемки:
I am learning to retouch pictures and put the idea or the subject in value. This is the first picture I put such a strong effect on it. The effect is quiet simple : The bird was clear and the background fuzzy. I pushed the color intensity a lot. That what gives this impression of the bird beeing out of the picture. (this is not a photo montage). I would be happy to have any comment or idea on that picture/effect.
пт 30 мар 2007 14:54
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M.A.Rahnama M.A.Rahnama #1 сб 31 мар 2007 03:38

It's been over worked. too Pixelized and too much color saturation!! if I see the original pic, I may be able to find a different way to retouch the photo without damaging the image.

Francois-Xavier Beaugrand Francois-Xavier Beaugrand #2 чт 5 апр 2007 15:10

Thank you for your comment, I'll try to rework it.

Maciek Schulz Maciek Schulz #3 вт 10 апр 2007 20:57

Nice moment, but the colors are to strong. but it's good composition. Regards.

silvia marmori silvia marmori #4 сб 21 апр 2007 23:08

i like the psychedelic appearance at colours..
JMHO, i'd enhance the difference of focus, making the bg more blur, and the subject sharper.
not extremes, just a bit more, to see how it looks...