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Фото "2007' Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival"

фото "2007' Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival" метки: путешествия, город, Азия
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2007' Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival
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2007' Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival

Enjoying the fame of Oceans of Songs, allethnic groups in Guangxi are very fond of singing folksong, which has become a custom. They are singing the songs of their life, so as to make friends, show love, and express their good wills for happy life. Thus, the rainbow of folk songs has been built among different minorities in Guangxi, in China, and even in the world.

In 1999, approved by Ministry of Culture and thePeople's Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival was co-sponsored by Nanning Municipal Government, the Social Culture and Library Department of Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Publicity Department of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission. Ever since then, every golden autumn, via the wings of songs, friends and guests from all corners of the world fly across oceans and continents to gather in the beautiful Green City of Nanning for this grand event. The festival has, by the endeavor of the organizing committee and all people concerned both at home and abroad, become a platform for the influx and exchange of arts of traditional, modern, national styles—a joyous song for the world indeed. It has established a gorgeous stage which attracts friends and guests worldwide, and has provided a broad platform for the prosperity of the economic and trade of Southeast Asia and even the world.

Nanning is famous for the convergence of folk songs, and folk songs are being promoted because of Nanning. With efforts and elaboration for 7 years, Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival attracts attention throughout the country and even the whole world with its full-bodied nationality, strong sense of modernity, broad internationalism and high-level artistry. This grand event combines culture, economy and trade with tourism together, and has become one of the 10 most internationally influential festivals and activities in China.
It is noted that, in the year 2005, Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival won the Bronze-Tie Grand Pinnacle Award authorized by IFEA(International Festivals & Events Association) among over 1,500 festivals and events, which broke the zero record that domestic festivals and events organization had never been internationally awarded before. It has fully demonstrated the unique charm and vigorous vitality of the festival, and has laid a foundation for the festival in the international arena.

This October 2006, Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival will be held at the same time as China-ASEAN Expo and China-ASEAN Investment Summit. What's more, it's the 15th anniversary of establishment of conversational relationship between China and ASEAN countries, there'll be special celebration held by then, and Nanning is considered the best place for this events. States leaders from both China and ASEAN countries will probably attend this special celebration and some activities of Nanning International Folk Song Arts Festival 2006, which are held at the same time. In this fruitful season, the green city of Nanning will again welcome our friends and guests all over the world with melodious folk songs as always! 
пн 29 окт 2007 15:45
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Arvid Klokk Arvid Klokk #1 вт 30 окт 2007 21:57

Exelent captured and thx for the notes)