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Фото "The Dust Bowl 2"

фото "The Dust Bowl 2" метки: спорт, путешествия, Европа
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The Dust Bowl 2 к
место съемки:
I love the racing here. Went to the last meeting of the year today, and got quite a nice collection of shots. This just one of them. No noise reduction at all, the original was shot in RAW format.

F 10 - Aperture priority, ISO-400, exposure 1/1600 sec, focal length 46mm. 
вс 18 ноя 2007 20:53
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mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #1 вс 18 ноя 2007 21:23

superb action shot; congrats

Alexandra Nikiforova Alexandra Nikiforova #2 вс 18 ноя 2007 21:47

Мне очень нравиться работа!

Валерий Беспалько Валерий Беспалько #3 вс 18 ноя 2007 22:05

I feel myself among the people who are watching this race. Excellent work!

Tatyana Nikitina Tatyana Nikitina #4 вс 18 ноя 2007 22:39

F 10 - Aperture priority, ISO-400, exposure 1/1600 sec... hmmm

Nice photo but I don't think the yellow frame fits the photo.


Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #9 пн 19 ноя 2007 00:41

Thanks for your comments. With regard to the settings for this shot -

F 10 aperture priority - Firstly I wanted a good depth of field, secondly this Canon kit lense lacks detail and sharpness. A narrow aperture helps improve this. Therefore I need to operate in Aperture Priority with this lense to maintain a reasonable image reproduction.

ISO 400 - This was the variable "adjuster" to ensure a fast enough exposure. Fast exposure was required because it is an action shot. Lower ISO would have significantly reduced the shutter speed to a point maybe too low to freeze the action.

Exposure 1/1600 - I wanted at least 1/1000 because of the speed of the action, and had the AF set on "servo" to ensure a constant and fast focus bracket.

I´m glad you think it´s a nice photo. улыбаюсь

Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #10 пн 19 ноя 2007 00:51

Oh and the camera was hand held. No tripod. Another reason for requirement of a particularly fast shutter. улыбаюсь

Елена Строилова Елена Строилова #5 вс 18 ноя 2007 22:56

A very good work!!!

Наталия Счеславская Наталия Счеславская #6 вс 18 ноя 2007 23:00

Very nice moment!

Виктор Шишканов Виктор Шишканов #7 вс 18 ноя 2007 23:15

Very good work !

ИринаСК ИринаСК #8 пн 19 ноя 2007 00:12

Excellent work! A sense of competition, racing .... perfect!

Iva Ignatova Iva Ignatova #12 пн 19 ноя 2007 04:55

Splendid moment of capture, excellent work! Wonderful combination of colours and contrast, amazing postures of horses!!! Congrats!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #13 пн 19 ноя 2007 05:11

Fantastic action shot... Great capture!!!!
Warmest regards!

Ion Popa Ion Popa #14 пн 19 ноя 2007 07:07


Андрей А Андрей А #15 пн 19 ноя 2007 18:02

Professional shot.

Jim Griffin Jim Griffin #16 пн 19 ноя 2007 18:41

Love the angle. great shot