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Фото "Mr Red Blinkers !"

фото "Mr Red Blinkers !" метки: спорт, путешествия, Европа
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Mr Red Blinkers ! к
место съемки:
Sorry guys, I love the magnificence of race horses.

This is about fifty yards back from the finishing line, the jockeys urging their mounts for one last effort. The outside horse, (caught clean off the ground here), could not get past the one with the snazzy Blinkers.

I have noticed that having to drop the file size down to below 150kb, I am losing sharpness and a tight focus. The alternative is to reduce pixel size of the image, but I wanted this one to be at least 800 pixels across. Swings and roundabouts..... !!! 
чт 22 ноя 2007 21:28
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Sanja Jovovic Sanja Jovovic #1 чт 22 ноя 2007 21:30


mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #2 чт 22 ноя 2007 21:40

very good action shot; another great one; regards

Victor  Umrikhin Victor Umrikhin #4 чт 22 ноя 2007 22:01

всё отлично - динамика, цвет, прозрачность снимка, рамка... - рейтинговая фотография

excellent-all dynamics, color, transparency, the image frame ... photo-ranking

Татьяна Савватеева Татьяна Савватеева #5 чт 22 ноя 2007 22:12

A new perfect work, Cameron, so dinamic, ful of power and movement...Tatyana

Костенко Анна Костенко Анна #6 чт 22 ноя 2007 22:29


Tatyana Nikitina Tatyana Nikitina #7 чт 22 ноя 2007 23:47

I like the expression of this shoot and you can feel the desire of these jockes to be the first.

But улыбаюсь It's not easy to catch the right beautiful phase of horse movement. And yet you cropped too tight from the right.


Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #9 пт 23 ноя 2007 01:18

Another fantastic action shot!!! Great capture!!!!

Надежда Колдышева Надежда Колдышева #10 пт 23 ноя 2007 01:29

excellent work.Regards

Iva Ignatova Iva Ignatova #11 пт 23 ноя 2007 03:01

Superb shot, very expressive! I like very much yours race horses! Congrats!

Dorota K. Dorota K. #12 пт 23 ноя 2007 05:09

considering the speed ,it's an excellent shot

Алиса Швоева Алиса Швоева #13 пт 23 ноя 2007 19:46

Отличное фото!

Константин Гуща Константин Гуща #14 пт 23 ноя 2007 20:31

Exelent shot again! I like the background and colours!

Светлана М. Светлана М. #15 вс 25 ноя 2007 14:51

Excellent moment captured.

Billy Holmes Billy Holmes #16 пн 26 ноя 2007 03:13

Nice series of action shots with great color ! Try this tool at the following link for downsizing your photos http://www.download.com/3000-12511_4-10547101.html

Cameron Fielding Cameron Fielding #17 пн 26 ноя 2007 12:41

Billy, thanks for the link. I´ll have a go at this.

Question - do you know if this software works better than the resizing in Photoshop?