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Фото "Silver Light"

фото "Silver Light" метки: пейзаж, вода, закат
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Silver Light
место съемки:
вс 25 ноя 2007 00:45
постоянная ссылка:
комментарии (15 из 50)
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System System #1 сб 24 ноя 2007 15:34

the photo has been reuploaded
фотография была заменена

Gene Mar Gene Mar #2 вс 25 ноя 2007 00:59

Another beautiful image from Brasil. Thank you.

Светлана М. Светлана М. #4 вс 25 ноя 2007 01:34

I like this interesting place, beautiful water and atmosphere of care-free rest on this photo.

Tatyana Nikitina Tatyana Nikitina #5 вс 25 ноя 2007 02:31

I like shooting water against sun myself. But it is not sunrise... probably you meant sunrays подмигиваю

Very nice image Berenice.

Simone Pepoli Simone Pepoli #6 вс 25 ноя 2007 02:38

Excellent light and reflections.
Special moment captured

Great work !! >sim

armando jorge armando jorge #7 вс 25 ноя 2007 03:29

Excellent as usual

Joaquim Simoes Joaquim Simoes #8 вс 25 ноя 2007 03:48

It's always the same dilemma!!! What to say??
Beautiful... wonderful composition... great atmosphere... excellent work... excellent light...
Well, my dear Bere, I think that is better ... no comments!
Um enorme abraco e um Feliz Domingo

Iva Ignatova Iva Ignatova #9 вс 25 ноя 2007 06:44

Shining silver water...and splendid atmosphere!
Beautiful image! Congrats!

Андрей Белый Андрей Белый #10 вс 25 ноя 2007 07:27

Walking in the silver reflective light of the sunrise -- wading in the mysterious waters of Time - seeing a natural monument (the rock) and the man-made (the statues) and the two people themselves so parallel to the monument -- and all of this when the day hasn't started yet, and its dawn is the dawn of these people's hopes ans aspirations. The moment as majestically poignant as it is fragmentary and fragile!

Андрей А Андрей А #11 вс 25 ноя 2007 08:24

Superb light, great composition!

remi aerts remi aerts #12 вс 25 ноя 2007 09:27

i com tho Brasil a think

ИринаСК ИринаСК #13 вс 25 ноя 2007 10:47

Grace! Bere, it is a fantastic job! I love those stars on the water, it FlareFX sunshine ... Excellent, my friend!

Герхард Нейфельд Герхард Нейфельд #14 вс 25 ноя 2007 11:06

Excellent play of light!

Екатерина Гудкова Екатерина Гудкова #15 вс 25 ноя 2007 11:44

Very good work!

Валерий Беспалько Валерий Беспалько #16 вс 25 ноя 2007 12:18

Very symbolical work. Two go on a silver path... And what there ahead?
Let you ahead will have only a success, Bere.