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пн 21 окт 2002 02:07
сканер HP S 20
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Miguel Corte-Real Miguel Corte-Real #3 пн 21 окт 2002 02:26


Jose Luis Mendes Jose Luis Mendes #4 пн 21 окт 2002 02:40

Excellent composition!
Very wll done Luis Leal!

Fernando Dinis Fernando Dinis #5 пн 21 окт 2002 02:48

Excellent Luis !!

Antonio Paulo Antonio Paulo #6 пн 21 окт 2002 03:45

I think this photo marks a step ahead in your work. It is a demonstration of excellent technique for the backlighting and a proof of very fine taste for the overall aestethic.

It`s also a surprising subject in your gallery for all the modern looks and sofisticated lines and shapes and finally... that`s another masterpiece in your portfolio.

I really like this photo. Reminds me of the future... it`s sooooo beautiful, creative, clean, bright...

You tell me things that I must give back to you today... you`ve mastered the light as you wanted... that`s really great to achieve results as excellent as these!!! I like to see that !!!

You are a great photographer. You get things that surprise me... maybe I should know better than anyone what you`re capable of... but sometimes you are a step ahead... and I love that !!!

Surprise me more!!! This is excellent. Congratulations, Luis. Twice!!!

neptumancia neptumancia #7 пн 21 окт 2002 03:59

Very, very good photo.

Виктория Виктория #8 пн 21 окт 2002 10:10

Perfect composition!!!!

Stam Stamsky Stam Stamsky #9 пн 21 окт 2002 13:32

Very nice work!

Jacob Lopes Jacob Lopes #10 пн 21 окт 2002 13:40

Excellent use of light!

kidhornet kidhornet #11 пн 21 окт 2002 14:15


Very well done!
The backlighting was very well used!!!
My congratulations!!!

Victoria Borges Victoria Borges #12 пн 21 окт 2002 16:09

Boa fotografia,Luis!!!

Marita Toftgard Marita Toftgard #13 пн 21 окт 2002 18:04

So clean...lines and formations....

Gregory S. Linschitz Gregory S. Linschitz #14 вт 22 окт 2002 01:07

Very nice shot...

Paulo Mateus Paulo Mateus #15 вт 22 окт 2002 03:10

Another surprising photo.
You did it again.

Olga Gouveia Olga Gouveia #16 вт 22 окт 2002 06:38

Very intersting the composition

MihF MihF #17 ср 23 окт 2002 16:26

just perfect