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Фото "Mantis religiosa"

фото "Mantis religiosa" метки: природа, насекомое
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Mantis religiosa
Mantis religiosa, referred to as the European Mantis outside of Europe and known simply as the Praying Mantis in Europe and elsewhere, is one of the most well-known and widespread species of the order, Mantodea. Originating in southern Europe, the European Mantis was introduced to North America in 1899 on a shipment of nursery plants. Now they are found all over the north-eastern United States and Canada to the Pacific Northwest. The European Mantis is usually 5–7.5 cm (2–3 inches) in length, and has shades of bright green to tan. It can be distinguished easily by a black-ringed spot beneath the fore coxae. It is one of several different insects for which a name used within Europe to refer to only a single insect species (in this case, "praying mantis") has become adopted throughout the globe to refer to the larger group of insects to which that one species belongs (e.g., compare "hornet" to European hornet, or "wasp" to Common wasp). 
пн 27 сен 2010 19:23
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Geoff Playfair Geoff Playfair #1 пн 27 сен 2010 19:27

Amazing macro. simplicity and colours work well.

Серафима Ветрова Серафима Ветрова #2 пн 27 сен 2010 19:31

Гипнотический взгляд! улыбаюсь

tom581 tom581 #3 пн 27 сен 2010 19:45

Красивое макро!

Правик С. Правик С. #4 пн 27 сен 2010 19:52

Замечательно 888. В правый верхнем углу снимка блеск на листе лишний.

Ирина Александровская Ирина Александровская #5 пн 27 сен 2010 20:51

Zany animal! улыбаюсь
Excellent shot!

roadrunner roadrunner #6 пн 27 сен 2010 21:08

Great macro

Наталья Жукова Наталья Жукова #7 пн 27 сен 2010 21:34

Отлично получилось!

Pavel Semibratov Pavel Semibratov #8 пн 27 сен 2010 21:38

Интересный кадр! Понравилось! улыбаюсь

goboist goboist #9 пн 27 сен 2010 22:44

Хорош богомол!

Алла C. (Allasa) Алла C. (Allasa) #10 пн 27 сен 2010 23:31

Суперски!!! улыбаюсь

Андрей Ф. Васильев Андрей Ф. Васильев #11 вт 28 сен 2010 15:18

9-9-9. Some comments about the insect and the setting would be welcome!