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Фото "untitled"

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Baron`s Court, London, United Kingdom.
This image was taken in a cemetery in London that is no longer used for burials. People walk thru it on their way to work as it is a shortcut to the train station. The building in the background is a hospital that overlooks the cemetery. Great positioning for a hospital? Imagine looking out the window from your hospital bed everyday and seeing all those tombstones. 
пн 17 мар 2003 17:58
фотовспышка Canon
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Lucaz - Luis Costa Lucaz - Luis Costa #1 вт 18 мар 2003 00:46

Very nice work, regards!

Jose Sarmento Jose Sarmento #2 вт 18 мар 2003 03:04

Thanks for the report an for the wonderful soft picture. An excellent photograph. My congratulations, Liam

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #3 вт 18 мар 2003 06:05

I love the humor in your description of this shot...and the angel missing a hand gives another dimension. улыбаюсь )
The light here is wonderful and the `grittiness` works well. A very interesting scene...the `comings and goings` of life. A great juxtaposition. WOW! Great work, Liam! улыбаюсь

Billy Bob`s Billy Bob`s #4 чт 1 апр 2004 02:33

Very unusual - hand held I assume - you gotta love it. By the way, where are the rest of them, pic that is? Want some pics about Texas - you know, bulls, cows and the likes. How low of a resolution does it need to be?