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Фото "VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2011/2012 - LISBON!!! #4"

фото "VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2011/2012 - LISBON!!! #4" метки: спорт,
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VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2011/2012 - LISBON!!! #4
место съемки:
Lisbon is a city of light. The almost constant presence of sunshine and the Tagus River transform the Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colours, which highlight the city's unique architecture and natural beauty.

There are so many things to see and do in Lisbon that all visitors will have access to a wide array of different experiences.

As we walk through Lisbon, a city with a history that spans thousands of years, we find streets filled with heritage, monuments and traditional neighbourhoods where the city first developed and can still be experienced at its most genuine level.

Visit Lisbon of the Tagus River, whose riverfront is dedicated to leisure activities and links the cultural and historic zone of Belém with the modern area of the Parque das Nações.

Lisbon also has extensive beaches ideal for sunbathing or water sports, fields used to breed horses and bulls, monuments classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites and picturesque rural landscapes.

The World Heritage site of Sintra is one of Portugal’s most luxurious and romantic towns and has served as a great source of inspiration for poets and writers.

It is more than appropriate that the Volvo Ocean Race fleet should sail into Lisbon in 2012. After all, this is the city from where Vasco da Gama began his jaunt to India in 1497 and a city that would later become the European hub of commerce between Africa, India, the Far East and Brazil, trading everything from spices to art.

The city has a long sailing history, while Cascais, some 30 kilometres west of Lisbon, has hosted some of the world’s largest sailing regattas and was also where the Pirates of the Caribbean entry in the 2005-06 race docked for emergency repairs after breaking down on the first night out of Vigo.

Visit the Lisbon stopover site at: www.volvooceanracelisbon.com

*From Wikipedia 
пт 22 июн 2012 13:13
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11111 11111 #1 пт 22 июн 2012 13:26

Dynamic picture!

Eldon Ormsby Eldon Ormsby #2 пт 22 июн 2012 13:37

Absolute chaos beautifully portrayed. подмигиваю

mircea grumaz mircea grumaz #3 пт 22 июн 2012 14:47

nice and colourfull; regards

Александра Ларинцева Александра Ларинцева #4 пт 22 июн 2012 15:44

Какое великолепие!!!

galina petrowa galina petrowa #5 пт 22 июн 2012 20:37

Все флаги в гостях!!! Очень интересный момент!!

Berenice Kauffmann Abud  - AFIAP Berenice Kauffmann Abud - AFIAP #6 сб 23 июн 2012 06:37

Great scene captured, my friend!!!!!

Валентин Бондаренко Валентин Бондаренко #7 вс 24 июн 2012 18:04


Olga Kulyashova Olga Kulyashova #8 ср 27 июн 2012 00:08

So colourful and dinamic shot!