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Фото "Crane-fly"

фото "Crane-fly" метки: природа, макро и крупный план, насекомое
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Trichocera annulata. Note vestigial hind wings use to stabilise the insect in flight. 
чт 31 янв 2002 17:43
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sophie sophie #1 чт 31 янв 2002 17:49

Yes it`s much better улыбаюсь Anyway .. it`s not perfectly neat, but I play the witch улыбаюсь

Vitor Dias Vitor Dias #2 чт 31 янв 2002 18:26

Yes Mike, Very better now

Al  Shortt Al Shortt #3 чт 31 янв 2002 22:06

With a little more sharpness this is superb IMO.

Валерий Гвозд Валерий Гвозд #4 чт 31 янв 2002 22:07

I like this insect...

Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #5 пт 1 фев 2002 00:12

Golden macro, Mike!

P. Schwarz P. Schwarz #6 пт 1 фев 2002 01:40

What a wonderful light in this macro! Beautiful composition, Mike!

Владимир Серов Владимир Серов #7 пт 1 фев 2002 10:32

Good shot! Perfect details.

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #8 сб 2 фев 2002 11:03

Beautiful shot Mike.

Dan Young Dan Young #9 вт 5 фев 2002 10:47

Keep fighting the good fight Mike because you are right and 100% correct. I admire what you say and shoot.

If this one had a bit more technique it would be slightly sharper and therefore have more impact. A photo is worth no words, unless at first it has impact to make us look and only then can it tell a story.

Compostion is spot on IMO. Still a great shot though so dont get me wrong улыбаюсь

All the very best Mike and great ideas on what is happening on this site.