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Фото "Autumn Gold"

фото "Autumn Gold" метки: пейзаж, путешествия, Европа, осень
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Autumn Gold
Taken in the Lea Valley Regional Park, north of London, after a storm. Canon EOS 1000 + Canon 100-300mm USM at 100mm. 
чт 28 июн 2001 01:38
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Wahid Noureldin Wahid Noureldin #1 чт 28 июн 2001 02:37

What joyful and beautiful composition and colours, Mike.

Alberto Alberto #2 чт 28 июн 2001 03:34

Very nice

Alenka Kachuro Alenka Kachuro #3 чт 28 июн 2001 06:41

pretty... there` a slant, or maybe merely an illusion of one...

Ben Bondarenko Ben Bondarenko #4 чт 28 июн 2001 06:52

very nice picture, i like it how the tree stands out in the picture

Sandra Battaglia Sandra Battaglia #5 чт 28 июн 2001 07:11

I love this type of `before and after the storm` type of lighting. You have captured it beautifully! *S* Dramatic in nature`s simplicity.

peter o neill peter o neill #6 чт 28 июн 2001 09:58

Of your three this is my fav.That sky combined with the foliage really captures the feeling of Autumn. The wind on the pond/river is echoed in the movement of the trees. I really like the cyclist,glad you gave him some room to move helps give the photo a real sense of gathering for the winter. Very nice work. IMHO

Lee Nelson Lee Nelson #7 чт 28 июн 2001 10:43

Ah the countryside refreshed and the passing storm and new found clear skies work very well for you here. A very clean and pleasant photograph to take in. I like the feeling of your cyclist having some space. Think it`s very nicely done.

Reda Danaf Reda Danaf #8 чт 28 июн 2001 11:18

Superb shot Mike...very picturesque.

Eugene Soukharnikov Eugene Soukharnikov #9 чт 28 июн 2001 23:02

I don`t know much Photoshop-inflicted mutilation had this picture had to suffer through, but I know that the end result is most excellent; it is a gorgeous (a bit overly sentimental?) image that can be printed on post cards or wall calendars... Perhaps I am prejudiced but I also think that the composition, the light, the colors, the picturesque stream or creek, the figure of the bicyclist - all look so… English, so English as a tail fin of a British Airways` jet (the old ones I mean, before they repainted those things with schizophrenic patterns and colors). Most excellent work, Mike. It is a very charming piece of work and a solid five 5 +.

Vladimir Revic Vladimir Revic #10 пт 29 июн 2001 01:37

I carp to biker

Lita Lita #12 пт 29 июн 2001 23:34

Magnificent colors and composition

George Johnston George Johnston #13 пт 25 апр 2003 19:42

It looks like the sun peeked thru. Great catch; and the biciclist adds to the interest.